A downloadable game for Windows

What Is It?
'I Bash Zombies (with my wiimote of doom)' is that monster-bashing thing I've wanted to make ever since I realised I could. In its current form, it's a Minecraft mini-game where you hit zombies with your sword by swinging a Wii remote. Don't let them push you into the pit!

The video on the right shows what the game play looks like. Skip to 1:15 to see the Wii remote bit. (I'm using a Sonic Screwdriver -themed Wii remote in the video, it looks a little different from a normal Wii remote but works the same.)

Sounds Cool, What Do I Need?
This physical game prototype requires:
- A Windows-based system, Minecraft version 1.64 with Forge Modloader and mods MobSpawn Controls 2 and GuiLib installed
- GlovePIE programmable input emulator
- A Wii remote *without* Motion Plus
- Bluetooth to connect the Wii remote to your computer.
- Pasting a Minecraft savefile into the folder where Minecraft keeps your game worlds.

You probably want a wrist strap on your Wii remote so you don't throw it at your screen.

If you're comfortable with all that then great, go ahead and set it up! Details and download links can be found here:


(If you don't have a Wii remote that works with your computer, then you can still play the mini-game without the physical aspect - for this follow the bits of the setup that don't involve GlovePIE or the Wiimote.)

Install instructions

***The download file is just the game world you need in order to play - for complete setup details please see http://redacted.org.uk/altctrl/ibashzombies.html***


I Bash Zombies Minecraft Savefile (.zip) 2 MB