A downloadable game for Windows


Gameplay video at http://is.gd/faquri.

A game of pixel tag for two players. Hastily developed for GameCity Nights April 2014. Updated (August 2014) to include a title screen(!), sound and controller support (xb360/ps3 controllers).

Controls - Pink: WASD / Controller 1 Left Stick
Controls - Blue: Cursor Keys / Controller 2 Left Stick

Start game: Controller buttons/space/enter.

Touching the other player loses you (and them) lots of health.
Touching the other player's trail loses you some health, but much less.

Win the game by not running out of health.

Press R to reset the game and Esc to exit the game. (E to exit in the old version).

Install instructions

The game is a standalone windows executable - just double-click the downloaded file to play. You can also download the original version from April 2014.


tagged-aug14-xb360.exe 2 MB
gamecitynights_apr14_tagged_v1.exe 2 MB