A downloadable game for Windows

Prototype platformer where you fly around as various objects, including a cake. You collect coins and use these to pay for more flight, or you can take the cash you've collected to the bank and add to your savings. Blue sky aesthetic in response to @hooray_for_matt's call for more games with blue skies.

Updated on 10/08/14:

new flyable object added (chicken), minor level design additions, controller support (xb360 pad or windows 'legacy' gamepad, e.g. retrolink, etc.), a title screen and a screen showing the controls.

Install instructions

The most recent update (10/08/14) is a .exe for windows, so just download it and run it :)

The previous version (still downloadable) is in a .zip file, so needs to be unzipped before you run the .exe file.


TEOF_20140810.exe 3 MB
coin_game6_prototype6_120214.zip 3 MB