A downloadable game for Windows

For 1 or 2 Players. Kind of mundane. Prototype. Contains a few bugs.

Successful Z-Riders must navigate their flight-capable zebra between moving spikes, across spiky checkpoints, reach the little red flag, and save the day. (Use your imagination a little, okay?)

Trapped in a seemingly endless loop of time and space, our protagonist and their trusty zebra are doomed to repeat their dangerous screen-crossing adventure again and again, facing faster-moving spikes, boredom and repetitive strain injury until they succumb to a spiky death or Can Ride No More.

The game supports XBox360 controllers using the left stick and B button, or you can play using the keyboard (A, D, and W for Player 1, Left, Right and Up for Player 2).

[Designer's Note: This game prototype was made in January 2014, and maybe should have been part of Flappy Jam. Although it's quite simple, making this game taught me a lot about coding in GameMaker. Zebras entered the process as part of a joke mode for an unreleased 'dressage' game, in which you move a silhouette of a horse around a sand-coloured screen to music and receive points in respect of perceived artistic expression. The notion of 'Zebra Mode' then set a precedent for the off-hand evaluation of videogames by whether or not they have a zebra in them.]

Install instructions

Hey thanks for downloading Z-Riders.

The file you're downloading is a executable, so you just need to run the file to play the game.

Press the number [1] for a single player game, or number [2] for the 2-player co-op game. When the game ends, you can press [n] to go back to the title screen. When you're done playing, press [Escape] to exit.


Z-Riders_xb360controllers.exe 4 MB